Sunday, November 16, 2008

It all seemed so simple at the beginning

Nine years last June, when I burnt out on my food bank job, I launched the renovation of our house. Thinking I would be unemployed for months (or at least weeks) I began tearing down the horrid painted panelling in the kitchen, revealing horrid cracked plaster underneath. Two days later, I was working and have been employed ever since. My Kitchen reno slipped from passion to occasional hobby and finally an example of the "charm" of our home. Barb never did accept this eyesore of cracked plaster, strips of wallpaper and exposed lath and we waited for the day when we would have just enough money to do a nice renovation.

Our renovation really started when we hired a design firm to help us plan. Several thousand dollars later we had drawings, a contractor and a start date. I am of course leaving lots out, but you'll have to come to the housewarming to hear the good stuff.

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