Friday, November 28, 2008

Windows! And Insulation!!

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Last Tuesday, I bumped into John and Glynis (our friends from around the corner from our house) We walked and talked until we were near my house and I invited them in to see the progress. I like to invite fiends in whenever I can. Their enthusiasm and encouragement are good for reminding me of how much we've done. Looking at the bones of our house for so long has made it seem like it will never get done.

That night as we came into the house, it was toasty warm for the first time since we left it. They had cranked up the heat for the spray insulating. All our new windows were in place too.

Based on what we'd read and our contractor recommended, we figured foam insulation was the way to go. It functions both as insulator and vapor barrier.

Now it actually is starting to feel less like a construction site and more like the home we've been waiting to come back to.

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