Monday, November 17, 2008

Who's a Big Geek? I am! I am!

P1040989, originally uploaded by davethetemp.

This is in our upstairs bedroom at the front of the house, now called the Media Room in our plans.

Later on, you'll see how Barb thought through the kitchen. Here's whee i got to run wild.

That's 4 blue ethernet cables coming out of a conduit that runs straight .to the basement. I've run 3-4 ethernet lines to nearly all the rooms in the house and they will all terminate at a patch panel in the basement. Just to be sure, there's pull strings too. Any time in the future I'll be able to pull whatever new cable is required.

To the right of the ethernet is coiled speaker wire running to the ceiling. That's for the surround speaker system that will be mounted overhead.

I'm betting that the future will be streamed.

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